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Uniform Policy (Política de uso del uniforme)


What You May Wear - See handout below


What You May Not Wear 

In addition to what is mentioned in the handout below, prohibited on clothing, shoes, jewelry and accessories:

    1. Red or blue (exception: Alianza Navy Blue dresses or pants).

    2. Logos, designs, letters or numbers.

    3. Bandanas, spikes, or chains.

    4. Tops: No tank-tops, see-through, or half-shirts that expose the back, chest, shoulders or midriff.

    5. Bottoms: Skirts or shorts must be at least as long as the level of your finger-tips,

        with your arms straight down at your sides. No exposed underwear or area below the waist.

    6. Jeans, Skinny Jeans, Yoga Pants, or any pants that are not Chino or Khaki style pants

    7. Hats & Caps: Heads may not be covered while indoors (except for religious reasons).

    8. Shoes: No steel-toed shoes of any kind. 


Dress Code Violations 

1. Clothing or personal possessions that violate the Dress Code will be confiscated and held for pick-up by a parent or guardian.

2. Students who must remove clothing will have the option of calling a parent/guardian for a change of clothing, or using an item borrowed from the Alianza office (as available).

3. Students who are unable to comply with the Dress Code after being sent to the office will be sent home, pending notification of a parent, guardian, or emergency contact.

4. The third and subsequent Dress Code violations will earn the student detention. 


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Link to purchase of uniforms here