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Política sobre teléfonos y otros aparatos electrónicos ~ Phone/Device Policy

Alianza Charter School restricts student use of personal electronic devices

on Alianza school premises during school hours and during PVUSD employee supervision.



 Restricted Electronic Devices - Personal electronic devices restricted include, but are not limited to, the following: computers, electronic devices capable of displaying images, video, games, and devices transmitting or receiving radio signals. Examples include: iPadTM, iPodTM, PS2TM, Samsung GalaxyTM Tablet, Nexus 7TM, Kindle FireTM, ChromebooksTM, laptops, and other devices that perform the same functionality as the before mentioned.


Approved Electronic Devices (Property of PVUSD) - This policy does not restrict the supervised use of electronic devices that are the property of PVUSD or Alianza Charter School, providing that the devices are used for educational purposes. These school property devices include but are not limited to computers, iPadsTM, ChromebooksTM, music or audio devices.


Restricted Hours - Personal electronics devices are restricted from use during school hours (including the After School Program) (8:00 am to 6:00 pm).


School Premises - Within this policy, school premises is defined as the entire Alianza Charter School campus. This includes all classrooms, hallways, multipurpose rooms, bathrooms, playgrounds, fields, and front/sides of the school. School premises does not include Watsonville Charter School of the Arts campus.



  1. No pupil shall be prohibited from possessing or using an electronic signaling device that is determined by a licensed physician and surgeon to be essential for the health of the pupil and use of which is limited to purposes related to the health of the pupil.[PVUSD POLICY EC 48901.5]
  2. Although it is strongly discouraged, mobile phones are permitted if they remain turned off and in the students backpack. Mobile phones are to be used in cases of emergency only and are not permitted to be turned on during school hours [see 1.3. Restricted Hours]. If students are observed using their mobile phones during school hours, they will be confiscated.

Device Confiscation for Policy Violation

Students found using the above described devices during school hours on school premises will have the device confiscated. Parents will be notified to come to the school and claim the device.


Liability - Alianza Charter School is not responsible for the loss or theft of electronic devices including confiscated devices.